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Thank you for visiting 2013 Marks our 16th year spporting churches, community centers and other charity drives. We are one of the few San Diego County Drives that donates 100% of all donations back to the community! Thank you San Diego!

"Good people count their blessings, while exceptional people share their blessings."

                                                                                     - Jeff Campbell, Founder


Nearly 15 years ago, Jeff Campbell founded the Gift Bag Drive as his primary annual charitable event. Begining as a one man operation, over the years Jeff has inspired hundreds of volunteers to go door-to-door passing out gift bags.

To date, we have collected and given away over 10,000 bags of donatable goods to over 26 churches and outreach centers and have brokered thousands of dollars in donations to community organizations helping the hungry, assisting military families and needy children. 2011 is our 15th year of empowering others to give.

Care to become a sponsor or make a donation? Get in touch with us at:

Phone: 800-782-5510